Demonstration/WIP Still life

WIP – Still Life Painting. Basket of Apples, Roses and Cup of Tea.

WIP Details

Ok, I’m going to share with you a WIP which I completed last year.

In this photo I show the still life I set up first. I had a light set up from the top left. Some apples tumbling out of a basket with tea things and white roses fresh from my garden as well. Had so much fun setting this all up 🙂

WIP Photo of Setup

Next I drew the elements onto my stretched canvas with thinned paint and a brush and then began to block in the all the main colours.

WIP - Block in Main Colours

I continued to develop the painting but I felt very daunted by those roses, so the apples where nearly finished here at least some of them!

WIP - Progress

Working on a still life from life can have its challenges. Like for instance my fear of getting the roses just right. You know how you just procrastinate and leave stuff undone for ages. Well consequently, the roses are still not done! But I’m loving the tea pot already.

WIP - More progress and procrastination

Nearing completion and those roses are still not done! To be honest by this stage the roses had already died and I didn’t have replacements so I’m glad I had the photo of the still life setup. Even the milk in the creamer was curdled and yucky!

WIP - Roses still not done!

Ok, so I had procrastinated with getting those roses done while they still had life in them. Working from the photo was ok but the lighting seemed slightly different and I had to fight my tendency to fiddle and paint real tight. So in hind sight I should have tackled the roses first! Oh well we live and learn 🙂 Here is the finished painting. ‘Autumn Harvest’ in Genesis heat-set oils on stretched canvas.Wip - Finally finished 'Autumn Harvest Reward'

Hopefully I’ve inspired you to try painting a still life from life too. Til next time, let’s keep painting! This painting is available for sale here.



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