‘Watchful Eye’ (Sold)

Watchful Eye

Watchful Eye Daily Painting

‘Watchful Eye’

2nd Daily Painting

7.5″ x 5.25″ on canvas using Genesis heat set artist oils
Another beautiful Australian resident. So privileged to live in the amazing Great South Land.

Ok so here is painting no.2 of my daily paintings. So far I’m having fun and it really doesn’t seem like it’ll be difficult. I’m really rather enjoying the process. 🙂 This painting was challenging in that I want to paint in a loose style but the tendency was to paint so tight! So why didn’t I redo it? Well, my reason was that I don’t want this whole daily painting thing to become stressful and if I try for perfection each time it will inevitably become just that STRESSFUL!!! So by allowing myself to paint as it happens, but with the aim of loosening up, then I’m free to be me every painting session. Does that make any sense?
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