‘Up On Her Perch’

Up On Her Perch

Up On Her Perch Daily Artwork No. 15

Up On Her Perch

Daily Artwork No. 15

6.25″ x 4.75″ canvas oils

Fun with fur today! I ran out of gessoed panels so used a canvas sheet today. This is painted using a reference photo I took of my daughter’s cat, a Rag Doll Cat. She is a darling fluff ball with attitude! That is, the cat, not my daughter! 😮

I’ll tell you something funny 🙂 With Genesis paints I dry them by heating. So part way through the painting I wanted to dry the paint and my boys saw the painting and they were guessing as to what it was. Hilarious!!! The best I liked was ‘A mushroom with a blob with eyes on it’. Never a boring moment around here and at least they keep me humble 😀 Mushroom blob indeed!

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