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‘Curious Kitten’ (not available)

‘Curious Kitten’ Daily Painting  #32 Genesis Artist Colours Heatset Artist oils 13cm x 18cm gessoed mdf panel “When I grow up [...]

‘You Lookin’ At Me?’ (Sold)

‘You Lookin’ At Me?’ Daily Artwork No. 30 Genesis Artist Colours Heatset Artist Oils 13cm x 20cm gessoed mdf panel What a [...]

‘Couple Roses’

‘Couple Roses’ Daily Artwork No. 28 Genesis heat-set Artist Oils on 13cm x 18cm gessoed mdf panel. My faithful rose bush produce [...]

‘Floaties Are On Mum’

‘Floaties Are On Mum’ Daily Artwork No.18 5″ x 7″ panel, oils In honour of a sunny day even though it was cold this [...]

‘Up On Her Perch’

Up On Her Perch Daily Artwork No. 15 6.25″ x 4.75″ canvas oils Fun with fur today! I ran out of gessoed panels so used a canvas [...]

‘Simply A Cup and Saucer’

‘Simply A Cup and Saucer’ 4th Daily Painting 8″ x 5″ gessoed panel Genesis heat-set artist oils This painting, ̵ [...]

‘Watchful Eye’ (Sold)

‘Watchful Eye’ 2nd Daily Painting 7.5″ x 5.25″ on canvas using Genesis heat set artist oils Another beautiful Austra [...]

SOLD Still life with Cherries in White Bowl

This still life with cherries in white bowl, is painted from a reference by ‘madmum’ in the www.wetcanvas.com reference library. [...]

SOLD Lemon and a Mug Oil Painting

Sometimes, it is just necessary to set up a small and simple still life and just paint. Paint without worry of composition or if the drawing [...]

Sold-Calm In The Storm Oil Painting.

This Oil Painting,’Calm In The Storm’, is my initial response to the reference photo when I first saw it. I was searching on Wet [...]
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