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‘Stern Watchman’

‘Stern Watchman’ Daily Artwork No. 29 Genesis Artist Colours Heatset Artist oils 13cm x 17cm gessoed mdf panel Kookaburra’ [...]

‘Busy Watching’ (Sold)

‘Busy Watching’ – Kookaburra, an Australian Native Bird. 3rd Daily Painting 8″ x 5.75″ Genesis heat set artist [...]

SOLD Mr Kookaburra Sir

Mr Kookaburra Sir, looks a bit stern as he sits upon his perch. Maybe he’s a thinker, or then maybe just a bit grumpy. Who knows and t [...]

SOLD Painting of a Curious and Cute Kookaburra on his Perch

Inspired Painting This Genesis heat-set Artist oil paints painting of a kookaburra was inspired by my last visit to the Zoo. I was drawn to [...]
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