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‘Stern Watchman’

‘Stern Watchman’ Daily Artwork No. 29 Genesis Artist Colours Heatset Artist oils 13cm x 17cm gessoed mdf panel Kookaburra’ [...]

‘Secret Spot’ (Sold)

‘Secret Spot’ Daily Artwork No. 26 Genesis Heat set Artist Oils on 26.5cm x 15cm panel This is where I went to today in my imagi [...]

‘Taking Time Out’

‘Taking Time Out’ Daily Artwork No.23 Oils on 13cm x 18cm panel Another photo from pixabay brings the inspiration for today̵ [...]


“Hillside” Daily Artwork No. 20 19cm x 13cm loose canvas, oils This is my version of the hillside I see from my studio window. E [...]

Down By The Old Shed (Sold)

This is my version of a local scene I drive past on the way to town. I just love it. Often there are some cattle gathered under the trees or [...]

Private collection-Fond Memories from a Day at the Park

This was a fun project meant to recreate fond memories. These bikes are no longer at this park, and the children miss them terribly. I like [...]

Not available-Hay Field Kite Flying

Last week I attended an oil workshop with Bill Sass, in which he showed us some landscape techniques. I thoroughly enjoyed it and decided to [...]
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