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Daddy’s Girls

‘Daddy’s Girls’ Daily Painting #35 Genesis oils on 13cm x 18cm panel This darling little painting is based loosely on a ph [...]

‘Swinging’ (Sold)

‘Swinging’ Daily Artwork No. 31 Genesis Artist Colours Heatset Artist oils 13cm x 20cm gessoed mdf panel Carefree. Breeze throug [...]

‘Picnic At The Beach’ (Sold)

‘Picnic At The Beach’ Daily Artwork No. 27 Genesis heat-set Artist Oils on 20cm x 13cm gessoed mdf panel The reference photo for [...]

‘Taking Time Out’

‘Taking Time Out’ Daily Artwork No.23 Oils on 13cm x 18cm panel Another photo from pixabay brings the inspiration for today̵ [...]

‘Morning Cuppa’ (Sold)

‘Morning Cuppa’ Daily Artwork No.14 6″ x 6″ gessoed panel, oils The difference is amazing! I much, much prefer paint [...]

Little Girl Visiting the Dairy

Little Girl Visiting the Dairy Something I loved about my childhood was the chance to visit our friends place when the milking was on. ̵ [...]

SOLD Pink Hat

Pink Hat, is another portrait, a smallĀ  one again, painted with my large brush. I love how it looks fresh and there isĀ  movement. After al [...]

SOLD Portrait – The Wonder Of It

Portrait painting is a great way to express emotions, and here this little girl is gazing off into the distance at something. Btw thank you [...]

Girl with the toy watering can -SOLD

This oil painting was for our monthly challenge at the Laidley Art Society. Love the shadows around the girls feet. I had in mind Renoirs pa [...]
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