‘Sunset Colours”

'Sunset Colours' Daily Artwork No. 11

‘Sunset Colours’ Daily Artwork No. 11

‘Sunset Colours’

Daily Artwork No. 11

4″ x 7″ gessoed panel, Genesis heat-set artist oils.

Back to normal life again after a wonderful time of relaxation with family. So blessed. 🙂

Well this little sunset sure has beautiful colours. I love to watch sunsets and sunrises for that matter. They are constantly changing. At the beach is even better. Such a great place to relax. Now back to this painting… the inspiration for this one was a photo, nothing special really but the simplicity of the scene is what excited me. It enabled me to focus on minimalist brush strokes and I think the impressionist style suits it.  I imagine myself on the shore of this lake sitting quietly with the love of my life just soaking in the beauty of the sunset. 🙂 God’s creation is amazing isn’t it.

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