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‘Sunlit Teddy Bear’

Sunlit Teddy Bear

Sunlit Teddy Bear 8th Daily Painting

‘Sunlit Teddy Bear’

8th Daily Painting

6″ x 6″ gessoed panel, Genesis heat-set artist oils.

Teddy bears. We’ve all loved at least one in our childhood. I had my favourite and remember times when I lost it somewhere and then cried while Mum and I looked for it. It was a prickly thing but I loved it dearly!

The fellow in my painting doesn’t look prickly 😀 and I fell in love with the sunlight across it. Adds so much interest to the painting. Lights, darks, and cool and warm colours. Such a cute fellow too! 😀 Once again my aim was to keep the brush strokes clear and I’m not sure I achieved that to the extent that I hoped, but it’s pretty good.

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