‘Stuck In A Row’ (Sold)

'Stuck In A Row'

‘Stuck In A Row’ 5th daily painting

‘Stuck In A Row’

5th Daily Painting

6″ x 6″ gessoed panel

Genesis heat-set artist oils

‘Stuck In A Row’ was inspired by a photo from  I love that this  breaks an important rule in painting, which is  ‘Do not place elements in ascending size’. I think it works. Works well in fact. So rules are meant to be broken 🙂

The water lillies really pop. I’m happy with the result and that I was able to maintain a looseness to the brush strokes. I’m fighting the need to put in every detail, I’ve said it here before, too much focus on getting the details perfectly usually leads to me completing a painting that has lost any life it ever had.

So far daily painting has given me the freedom to paint whatever I wish, because… well I can’t rightly explain why. It just has and I’m pleased. It’s exactly what I’ve been in need of since my many months of not even wanting to paint. Artist block or burnout is not a nice place. Thankfully, it does pass 🙂

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