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‘Simply A Cup and Saucer’

Simply A Cup and Saucer

Simply A Cup and Saucer 4th Daily Painting

‘Simply A Cup and Saucer’

4th Daily Painting

8″ x 5″ gessoed panel

Genesis heat-set artist oils

This painting, ‘Simply A Cup and Saucer’ started life out as a simple exercise in values. Hehe.. sounds like the beginnings of a lesson in morals. 🙂 But no it isn’t anything more than lights and darks. A greyscale.  So what happened you might ask. Well valid question. I simply kept adding paint while saying to myself (yes I do talk to myself) “What if I just…” well this is the result. 🙂

Painting the whites was fun because you must put down greys that the mind is saying that is so wrong, but when the values around it are complete as well it looks right. Goes to show you can’t just paint what you think! Anyways I learnt heaps and the time passed pleasantly too so double bonus 🙂


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