‘Sharing Secrets’

'Sharing Secrets'

‘Sharing Secrets’ Daily Artwork No.10

‘Sharing Secrets’

Daily Artwork No.10

6″ x 6″ gessoed panel, Genesis heat-set artist oils.

This sweet painting was inspired from a gorgeous photo from www.pixabay.com. I love all the elements here. Light and dark, and warm and cool colours resulting from the setting sun. Also large brush strokes in the shadows and less brushstrike detail in the distance which allows the setting sun to shine. The detail on the girls is scant, it is the complementary colours that make the focal point. Am I making any sense??? Think I might be waffling now a bit now, but this is another of my favourites. 🙂

Tomorrow is the start of the Easter weekend, so I won’t be posting anything until after Easter. I wish you all a blessed Easter time and if you are traveling, stay safe.

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