SOLD Portrait Painting in oils-Dreamy Little Ballerina

Portrait Painting in Oils – the inspiration

When I first saw this gorgeous little girl in a photo, I knew it would make a great portrait painting in oils which speaks to the little kid in all of us. I didn’t set out to paint a likeness at all, but rather, to paint the universal kid in all of us. The one that dares to dream when it is totally impossible to even think about it. ‘When I grow up’ is what all children say and I’m sure we’ve all said, or thought it, during our childhood at some point, but now as adults we think ‘maybe one day…’ It can still be classed as a drPortrait Painting in Oilseam but maybe we’ve just lost the hope that it will actually eventuate. Maybe I’m just speaking of how I feel but I do hope to encourage everyone who reads this to listen to that little kids dreams inside of you and not just say ‘maybe one day’.



To get that dreamy quality to this portrait painting in oils, Genesis heat set oils to be precise, I set out right from the start to keep my brush strokes very loose. Lots of movement with loads of soft edges. The colours add to the statement with some startling contrasts by the complements of pink and green and the use of greyed colour to add vibrancy to this colour statement. I wanted her to not interact with the viewer at all but rather to be in her own little world. I’m totally pleased with the result, she is prancing around the garden imagining herself on some grande stage with thousands applauding her 🙂

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