‘Pink Bloom’ The Rose! (sold)

Pink Bloom

Pink Bloom 7th Daily Painting

‘Pink Bloom’ The Rose

7th Daily Painting of a Pink Rose Bloom

6″ x 6″ gessoed panel, Genesis heat-set artist oils.

This ‘Pink Bloom’ the rose proved to be a challenge for me. I did expect that from the start so I guess what else could happen. 😀 I love roses, but they have always been a wonderful challenge to commit to a flat surface with globs of paint. This time my goal was to put down the essence of the rose in brushfuls of paint and leave it be. Tones were a chore to get right but with the help of my trusty red cellophane folded over a few times to desaturate the painting to more easily check the tonal differences, I finally came up with a result that I am happy with. Something that I have always loved about going to the museum is seeing the artist’s brushstrokes and trying to work out how he/she completed the painting. So finishing a painting that has very obvious brush strokes is a major milestone for me. Especially the rose a beautiful creation full of subtle tonal differences. 🙂 So there you have it folks I’ve bared my heart out a bit and finding the daily painting a wonderful challenge.


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