SOLD Painting WIP of a Foal

This painting WIP of a foal is meant to be expressive. I’m pushing the boundaries of my style of painting all the while hopefully improving the mechanics of my technique. All that to say, I’m experimenting and hoping that my painting will improve at the same time. 🙂

Reference source for this painting WIP of a foal

My reference photo comes from my visit to a friends place to whom this gorgeous foal belongs. Due to not enough ink in my printer I decided to paint from my laptop screen, not ideal I know especially as the laptop was about 1.5m from where I stood at my easel! But patience won and the painting got started and even completed. Messy desk is a must 😉

Worked from laptop

Stage 1

Firstly, I used Burnt Umber (Genesis heat set oils used) to complete my drawing directly onto the canvas. The drawing wasn’t perfect but I knew I’d be able to adjust it as I went along.  The important thing for me was to get started and not be too precious about getting everything perfect.


Stage 2

Next I put in all  the darkest darks and the lightest lights to establish my value range. Hopefully. Looks terrible at this stage.


Stage 3

I probably should’ve taken a photo when I had blocked in the remaining shapes of colour, but I got carried away. So here I’ve already started put in details. Btw I used the green background to draw the outline again where I had lost the shape of this gorgeous foal.

Blocked in plus a bit more

Finished Painting

To finish off this painting I decided to leave the drips and just paint in the shadow and highlights on the ground in front, as well as the sky, which btw wasn’t in the ref. In my mind, the lack of completion adds to the feeling of movement physically and hopefully in time as well. Anyways I had a heap of fun doing this painting and I think I’m starting to loosen up my painting style  which is what I’ve been trying to do.

Finished Painting

I hope you enjoyed this painting WIP of a foal, and got something worthwhile from it. To  follow my almost daily paintings check out my facebook page  and click the LIKE button. Thanks 🙂

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