SOLD Painting of a Curious and Cute Kookaburra on his Perch

Inspired Painting

This Genesis heat-set Artist oil paints painting of a kookaburra was inspired by my last visit to the Zoo.

Painting of a Kookaburra up on his Perch

Kookaburra up on his perch

I was drawn to this beautiful Australian Native Bird perched high up on his stump. There was nothing unusual about this guy, but maybe it was just the way he sat up there and watched all the zoo visitors coming and going. I admit I stood there for a while and wondered, was he annoyed with having to share his home with so many people during daylight hours, or was he curious about who we were and where we were all going, and why, through his home? In any case, there he sat and watched and perhaps pondered, seemingly without a care in the world as he perched high up in a tree at the zoo when I came across him with my camera handy, and snapped a photo of him.

Painting Technique

When preparing to turn this guy into a painting I decided to make him the super hero and so I blurred the background and tweaked his colours a bit (hey, I’m the artist, I’m allowed to do that). I wanted him to really stand out. I used the Genesis glazing medium extensively to build up the brighter colours gradually and to paint the moss on his stump perch. What I really love about the Genesis heat-set Artist oil paints is that this process didn’t take me more than one day. Being able to dry the painting when I want really makes it so fast and a lot of fun as I don’t have to walk away and wait for paint to dry. I tend to be very impatient 🙂

Available as Cards

Anyway, I painted this special guy onto A4 canvas and he would make a gorgeous greeting card or postcard for that someone special.

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