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SOLD Lemon and a Mug Oil Painting

Sometimes, it is just necessary to set up a small and simple still life and just paint. Paint without worry of composition or if the drawing is just right. This oil painting was one of those times. It was kind of therapeutic as well. My eldest son had just moved from home the day before (first child of 5 to fly the coop). I was feeling emotionally low. I love to paint, but on this particular day I just couldn’t paint anything complicated. I needed a simple no brainer set up to enable me to continue grieving the loss of a stage of my life, My Jono has grown up and started his own life. Don’t get me wrong here, I really am thrilled for him but I didn’t just say see you later to my son I said goodbye to having him at home with me as my boy that needed me. Now I’m getting muddled so I’ll stop. 🙂

So drum roll please, here is my oil painting, ‘Lemon and a Mug’ that helped me that day. Painted with Genesis heat-set Artists oils on 7.5″ x 5″ loose canvas sheet, unframed.

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Oil Painting Lemon and a Mug

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