‘Majestic Hideaway’

Majestic Hideaway

Majestic Hideaway 6th Daily Painting

‘Majestic Hideaway’

6th Daily Painting

6″ x 6″ gessoed panel, Genesis heat-set artist oils

Just imagine a break away at a little place like this ‘Majestic Hideaway’. I think I could cope quite nicely 🙂 Distant snow tipped mountains, rolling hillsides, lakeside walks and a cosy cabin to view it all from when I don’t feel up to wandering about within all that beauty. AAAhhh…. Okay, back to reality!

This painting was a challenge to maintain loose brushstrokes. I was very pleased to complete the pic with my slightly bigger than a 1/2″ flat brush. Mind you I did want to reach out for a smaller brush at times. Overall, this is successful for what I set out to accomplish and that was to show the majesty of this amazing scene in as few brushstrokes as possible. Now for the next challenge. 🙂

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