Still life

Not available-What Inspired Me To Paint A Rose In A Glass With A Tissue Box Still Life In Genesis Heat Set Oils?

Been pondering what inspires me to  paint what I paint. Deep question, but I was hoping to get to the bottom of why I sometimes am not full of inspiring painting ideas. The other morning I rolled over in bed to reach to my bedside to grab my glass and have a swig of water. The light from the window lit the glass with lots of lovely colours and reflections. Bingo, right there  was an inspired painting idea. Then it hit me, why do I worry about becoming inspired? All I need to do is live, notice the things around me and be ready to grab the idea and run with it. BTW, I raced out to the garden in my jammies and got a rose from my garden, stuck it in the glass and took a heap of photos of my impromptu still life with a tissue box in the background. Later in the day I got busy painting after helping our children with all our homeschooling activities. So here is my glass painting, Genesis heat set oils on 20cm x 25cm primed masonite board.


My rose in glass oil painting

Painting inspired from life.

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