‘Floaties Are On Mum’

'Floaties Are On Mum'

‘Floaties Are On Mum’ Daily Artwork No.18

‘Floaties Are On Mum’

Daily Artwork No.18

5″ x 7″ panel, oils

In honour of a sunny day even though it was cold this morning, at least I felt it, 🙂 here is a warm weather subject. A boy at the beach wants to go for a swim and mum insists he wear his ‘floaties’. For some boys this might be embarressing, but if the desire to swim is greater then the floaties go on. 😀 I loved the complementary colours and the picture is built up entirely of greyed colours, by adding the complementary colour in varying amounts. Regardless this pic really pops. I love colour and how it reacts and interacts with its surrounding colours. Fascinating stuff 😀

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