Demonstration/WIP Landscape

Demonstration-Goose Morning Ritual in Genesis Artist heat-set Oils -SOLD

Demonstration using Genesis Artist heat-set Oils

Inspiration and beginning

Our geese were out preening themselves one morning and I just loved the shadow colours I was seeing on them, so out came the camera and snap snap went the finger. I ended up with a heap of photos to build my composition. Here is the initial drawing to begin this demonstration.

Demonstration - Drawing

Next step was to paint in the sky. I love painting skies. First I covered the sky area with white paint and then bit by bit added the blue.

Demonstration - Skyfinished

Now for those hills in the background. Nothing difficult here just mixing the right colours to give the perspective.

Demonstration - BackgroundShadows

Every painting goes through an ugly stage and here is the ugly stage. At this point I often want to give up and start again. It’s a very depressing stage, but as with anything if we keep at it, it’ll improve. I’m trying to be depressingly honest in this demonstration 😉

Demonstration - Uglystage

It gives me a sense of achievement to get to the end of completing a painting and know that I’ve created something pleasant to look at, at least I think it is pleasing to the eyes, others may not always agree 🙂 So below is the finished painting. ‘Morning Ritua’l. Painted with Genesis Artist heat set oil paints on 30cm x 40cm stretched thick canvas.

Demonstration - Finished 'MorningRitual'

This painting is the second most popular painting in my Redbubble Store.

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