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Requests for Commissioned Portraits can be a real challenge as the person I’m painting is unknown to me or as in this case is well and truly an adult with children of his own. So to get the information into the portrait not only of likeness but of expression can be a real challenge to rise up to. And of course despite knowing the problems involved I just can’t say ‘no’ to a request. Maybe I’m just too much a softy, who knows. Recently I was asked to paint a colour portrait from a reference which is an old damaged black and white flash photo. I cringed knowing how difficult it would be or maybe even impossible. But the elderly lady making the request, after seeing my other work thought she’d like a colour portrait. Below I’ll take you through the process and thinking out that I did to complete this commissioned portrait.

Painting Process

I began with a monotone painting to get a reasonable likeness. This was fairly straight forward as the photo reference was a black and white. The fact that it was a flash photo made it quite difficult to build form in the face. Below is the first stage.

Commissioned Portraits-Monotone stageColour Application

With the monotone painting completed it was time to  add colour with only verbal descriptions available. I found another photo of a child whose skin colours were similar to this little guys and then proceeded to mix these colours. I used a folded over piece of red cellophane to see the colours I was applying as monotone and then just continued to add the colours to create the form and hopefully look like a young child. The shirt was more of a challenge as there wasn’t much info on the photo as the bottom part of the photo was fairly badly damaged. Below is the second stage with colour.

Commissioned Portraits-First Colour addedFinal Stage – Adding Expression

Now that I had the colour added, it still looked a bit dead to me. So I started to place colours that expressed how I felt and also paying close attention to edges – softening, losing or sharpening as I felt, to achieve the look I was after. The background was annoying me as well so I added some blues and then set about blending until I was happy with the result. Below is the final result. Genesis heat-set oil paints on stretched canvas 40x50cm.

Commissioned Portraits - Finished

To order commissioned portraits contact me directly via email with details and photos.

Prices (All prices quoted are in AUD and postage/delivery will be extra) are:  Genesis heat set oils on canvas  –  Single Portrait   30x40cm  $100; 40x50cm $150; 50x60cm  $200

For larger sizes or multiple portraits request a quote.

Here is double portrait I complete.

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