Colourful Lookout (Sold)

Colourful Lookout

‘Colourful Lookout’ Daily Painting

‘Colourful Lookout’

7.5″ x 5″ canvas

1st Daily Painting

Rainbow lorikeets are so colourful and cheeky. The Australian landscape certainly does have some beauties.

So I’ve decided to begin painting more frequently. I will not necessarily commit to daily painting, but I will commit to painting as often as possible and I’ll be aiming for daily. How’s that? 🙂

This rainbow lorikeet is my first subject. Colourful, flighty, cheeky and beautiful. I wonder if he realises just how gorgeous he is. I’m guessing he is totally oblivious to his handsome looks. He is too busy eating and keeping a very cheeky eye on us. 😉

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