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At The Heart Of The Matter

“At The Heart Of The Matter” Painting sesh in the studio today. Therapy 😀 Genesis heat set Artist Oils on  15cm x 20.5cm loo [...]

‘If Only You Could Smell The Scent!’

‘If Only You Could Smell The Scent’ Daily Painting #36 Genesis oils on 13cm x 18cm panel This morning I pruned my roses a little [...]


‘Stacked’ Daily Painting #34 Genesis Artist Colours Heatset Artist oils 13cm x 18cm gessoed mdf panel These colourful cups from [...]

‘Sunlit Teddy Bear’

‘Sunlit Teddy Bear’ 8th Daily Painting 6″ x 6″ gessoed panel, Genesis heat-set artist oils. Teddy bears. We’ve [...]

‘Simply A Cup and Saucer’

‘Simply A Cup and Saucer’ 4th Daily Painting 8″ x 5″ gessoed panel Genesis heat-set artist oils This painting, ̵ [...]

SOLD Apples Overflow

Apples, apples and more apples overflow! Finally got making a WIP on this apple spill First did my drawing in my sketchbook and then transfe [...]

SOLD Persimmons – Alla Prima Still Life Painting!

Persimmons…yummy. Those words must be synonyms along with wonderful neighbours who give you some persimmons off their tree! This morni [...]

SOLD Still life – Centre Stage

This Still life – Centre Stage, is full of drama and colourful actresses 🙂 Thanks to mprince from wetcanvas reference library for t [...]

SOLD ‘In The Morning Light’

‘In The Morning Light’ is the result  of coming across a gorgeous reference photo in the wetcanvas reference library, so a big [...]

SOLD Still life with Cherries in White Bowl

This still life with cherries in white bowl, is painted from a reference by ‘madmum’ in the reference library. [...]

SOLD ‘Odd One Out’ Oil Painting

It doesn’t need to be much of an inspiration for me to grab my brushes and start a new oil painting. Our raspberry plant is fruiting a [...]

SOLD Lemon and a Mug Oil Painting

Sometimes, it is just necessary to set up a small and simple still life and just paint. Paint without worry of composition or if the drawing [...]

WIP – Still Life Painting. Basket of Apples, Roses and Cup of Tea.

WIP Details Ok, I’m going to share with you a WIP which I completed last year. In this photo I show the still life I set up first. I h [...]

Basketful of white roses – romantic oil still life painting -SOLD

What I wanted to achieve with this oil painting, was the feeling that the roses had just been picked and plonked down in the basket ready to [...]

Not available-Tulips

Some purple tulips with a few yellow ones thrown in to brighten the composition. This is 25cmx30cm Genesis heat set oils on canvas. [...]
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