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‘Secret Spot’ (Sold)

‘Secret Spot’ Daily Artwork No. 26 Genesis Heat set Artist Oils on 26.5cm x 15cm panel This is where I went to today in my imagi [...]

‘Taking Time Out’

‘Taking Time Out’ Daily Artwork No.23 Oils on 13cm x 18cm panel Another photo from pixabay brings the inspiration for today̵ [...]

‘Outback Colours’

‘Outback Colours’ Daily Artwork No.22 Oils on 13cm x 18cm panel The Australian Outback is beautiful! At least so show the photos [...]


“Hillside” Daily Artwork No. 20 19cm x 13cm loose canvas, oils This is my version of the hillside I see from my studio window. E [...]

Meadow Fun

Meadow Fun Daily Artwork No. 13 A5 canvas sheet, Genesis heat-set artist oils. Meadow Fun is all about the joy of running through a field of [...]

‘Sunset Colours”

‘Sunset Colours’ Daily Artwork No. 11 4″ x 7″ gessoed panel, Genesis heat-set artist oils. Back to normal life again [...]

‘Majestic Hideaway’

‘Majestic Hideaway’ 6th Daily Painting 6″ x 6″ gessoed panel, Genesis heat-set artist oils Just imagine a break away [...]

Sold-Calm In The Storm Oil Painting.

This Oil Painting,’Calm In The Storm’, is my initial response to the reference photo when I first saw it. I was searching on Wet [...]

Demonstration-Goose Morning Ritual in Genesis Artist heat-set Oils -SOLD

Demonstration using Genesis Artist heat-set Oils Inspiration and beginning Our geese were out preening themselves one morning and I just lov [...]

Not available-Genesis heat-set Oil painting ‘Back At The Umbrella’, inspired by a beach scene at the Gold Coast

Back in January this year we made a family day trip to the beautiful Gold Coast and of course if you make the effort to go to the Gold Coast [...]

Down By The Old Shed (Sold)

This is my version of a local scene I drive past on the way to town. I just love it. Often there are some cattle gathered under the trees or [...]

Sold-Haybale Paddock Landscape Painted with Genesis Artist heat-set Oil Colours

Haybales just make a paddock look so interesting. All those shapes, lines and colours add so much to a landscape painitng. This is Genesis h [...]

Private collection-Fond Memories from a Day at the Park

This was a fun project meant to recreate fond memories. These bikes are no longer at this park, and the children miss them terribly. I like [...]

Not available-Hay Field Kite Flying

Last week I attended an oil workshop with Bill Sass, in which he showed us some landscape techniques. I thoroughly enjoyed it and decided to [...]

Girl with the toy watering can -SOLD

This oil painting was for our monthly challenge at the Laidley Art Society. Love the shadows around the girls feet. I had in mind Renoirs pa [...]
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