SOLD The Cat – Oil Painting

Cat Characteristics

Many a cat has built the general reputation of cats acting like a queen, to be served and spoiled. In this painting I attempted to capture that exact character of our feline friends. We have one cat that resides at our home, and yes she lets us know frequently that she would prefer we do as she bid. Much to her dismay we don’t. In fact she has taken to biting and scratching us if her routine is slightly disturbed. The fact she was rescued as a kitten and was covered in ringworm when we¬† got her, may have something to do with her odd behaviour now. Who knows. All the same we love her and she is very much part of our family. The kitty in this painting is not our kitty, but rather, my reference photo is from wetcanvas and was taken by paloma and entitled ‘Jasper British Cream’. A big thanks to paloma for the use of the reference photo.


The Oil Painting

Genesis Artists heat set oils are my medium of choice once again, painted onto a 8″ x 10″ canvas board. I used yellow ochre and dioxazine purple as my main colours and love the soft result that I achieved. As with my previous painting of the roses, I’m once again using plenty of greys and only a small amount of pure colour. Lots of fun!!

The Cat an Oil Painting

Would Make A Great Gift

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