About Jaana Day Artist

About Jaana Day Artist - This is my mug shot :)

About Jaana Day – Where I’ve Come From

Thank you for stopping by and reading more about me. My name is Jaana Day. I’m of Finnish ancestry, but Australian by birth and love this country. I’m an artist and I particularly love to paint, but enjoy other crafty things also. Sharing my paintings, knowledge and experiences in art is the purpose of this blog.

My Family

I’m married to Kevin, and this November marks our 22nd anniversary. I’m also privileged to be a mother of 5 beautiful children with whom I love to spend  my days.

My Arty Beginnings

Ever since I can remember, I’ve spent countless hours sketching and drawing. But it wasn’t until back in 2004 I started dabbling in painting and have since then spent many of my spare hours with a brush in hand. I started out taking folk art lessons. It was a wonderful discovery that I could put colour to my drawings so easily. Since then I have mostly taught myself fine art painting by reading many books and of cause brush mileage. Mostly, I use Genesis Artist heat-set Oil Paints which are non-toxic, odourless and stay workable until heated.

My Painting – Emotional Response

Having some sort of emotional response to my subject enables me to paint pictures which evoke emotion in the viewer. How this happens I don’t fully understand. As you will see from my blog posts I pretty much paint any subject matter.


I am a member of  our local Art Society and have exhibited my art locally. I am also available to paint commissioned artworks and can be contacted here.



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