‘Busy Watching’ (Sold)

Busy Watching

Busy Watching 3rd daily painting, an Australian native bird.

‘Busy Watching’ – Kookaburra, an Australian Native Bird.

3rd Daily Painting

8″ x 5.75″

Genesis heat set artist oils on canvas

Aaahhh! Sometimes the paint just flows off the brush and everything goes exactly as I planned. Painting is pure pleasure these times. I love the result and just love the vibrancy and life in this painting. My opinion is that if I can manage to paint in a very loose style then I won’t obliterate the life of the painting.

I love kookaburras! When I was a wee bit of a kid, I’d reply to them when I heard the kookaburras laughing. It was always an extra thrill when I managed to convince them I was another kookaburra. Haven’t tried it in a while but I’m sure I’ve lost that sensational skill. 😉

Oh and just in case you’ve been following my daily painting efforts, I didn’t post or paint yesterday. Instead I had a most wonderful day with my darling hubby. We went visiting, shopping and a lovely picnic in the park. We don’t get too many days with just the two of us so it was a cherished time. Well worth the sacrifice of missing a day of painting. 🙂


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