Monthly Archives: March 2012

Basketful of white roses – romantic oil still life painting -SOLD

What I wanted to achieve with this oil painting, was the feeling that the roses had just been picked and plonked down in the basket ready to [...]

Be My Valentine -SOLD

My daughter gave me a beautiful bunch of red roses back in Feb. Inspiration hit and this painting is the result. At the time I took a heap o [...]

Down By The Old Shed (Sold)

This is my version of a local scene I drive past on the way to town. I just love it. Often there are some cattle gathered under the trees or [...]

Sold-Haybale Paddock Landscape Painted with Genesis Artist heat-set Oil Colours

Haybales just make a paddock look so interesting. All those shapes, lines and colours add so much to a landscape painitng. This is Genesis h [...]

Not available-Portrait of my mum and stepdad painted with Genesis artist heat-set oil colours

Genesis heat set oils on canvas board 50cm x 40cm. Mum remarried last year and I had snapped a lovely photo of them with their character sho [...]
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